This powerful, peer-to-peer program showcases your temple members who are making reasonable but radical reductions in residential carbon consumption.

The program inspires and educates fellow congregants by letting them hear from friends and neighbors who are taking effective measures now to reduce fossil fuel use. Examples of such measures include: photovoltaics, electric cars, solar hot waters, and heat pumps. People are delighted to learn of steps being taken now and how we all can make a difference in climate change.

It’s surprisingly simple to organize! JCAN will work with you to identify your own leading decarbonizers and customize the program to suit your synagogue.

"...a unique opportunity to hear first hand how local efforts to decarbonize lifestyles have been obtained. Hearing from car owners and home owners with detailed records of savings, both monetarily and carbon footprint, was impressive. A lot of credit goes to the members of congregation to look forward to a future they want to leave for their children and grandchildren."

"I had an epiphany at the event...The man who presented on his solar array at the event was wonderful."