To achieve our vision, JCAN:

  • Sounds out an urgent and visionary Jewish voice on the crisis of climate change.

  • Builds relationships with environmental and justice leaders in Jewish and other communal organizations.

  • Inspires and mobilizes Jewish communities to take leadership and participate in bold climate campaigns

  • Develops and provides informational resources to allies working on climate change action

JCAN’s work includes:

  • Education: Holding educational conferences, workshops, and talks on issues relating to climate change, including greening our synagogues, lifestyles, and homes.

  • Activism: Engaging in local, national, and global campaigns such as #LightforLima and the People's Climate Marches, and advocating for laws, regulation, and funding that combat climate change and related environmental harms.

  • Organizing: Coordinating efforts to reduce energy use in Jewish institutions, working with green teams, and encouraging Jewish institutions to move their investments from environmentally destructive companies to portfolios that have a positive impact on people and the environment.