JCAN Conference Call Sunday Night!

Hi JCAN Fans and Friends,
We call you to conference call us about a conference! Cool? Confused? This Sunday night, we will begin planning at conference that we hope to host in the spring. We will be deciding on the purpose and theme(s) of this conference; for now, we know that it would be exciting to bring together Jewish leaders on climate, social justice, food and the environment to the communities in the Greater Boston area working on these very issues. Only good things can come out of a space for intelligent, passionate people working hard and thinking creatively together. Share your vision and help make this conference a reality!
What: conference phone call
When: 7:30 PM this Sunday, Oct. 26th
Where: wherever you want!
Why: to plan a Jewish conference on climate change and action
If you want to partipate in the call, contact us at jewishclimateaction@gmail.com or Ben Weilerstein at b.david.weiler@gmail.com, and we will be in touch!