JCAN is going to plan a conference!

We have decided to hold a conference! JCAN will be holding a one day Jewish conference on climate change and action in May. This conference will be a space for members of Jewish communities to share the work that they have been doing, learn from others, and work together to deepen the Jewish world's connection to climate change and the movement to address it. There will be forums for conversation and exchange of ideas as well as more in-depth presentations about what climate change campaigns local Jewish communities are working on. 
Whether you have been active in your congregation or community around this issue, or have not yet but are hoping to get involved or learn more, this conference will be the place for you! 

We are still looking for a location, financial support, and volunteers to help with planning the content and logistics of this conference. Please contact us at jewishclimateaction@gmail.com to help out, or if you have any questions!