JCAN sets up more formal organizational structure

After our successful and energizing conference, activists within the Jewish Climate Action network set up the beginnings of a transparent and intentional organizational structure.

A temporary executive committee created at the May 26, 2015 meeting consists of:

Rabbi Katy Allen, President
Fred Davis, Vice President
Andy Oram, Secretary
David Schreiber, Treasurer

This committee will be in place until we hold open elections for the JCAN Board of Directors this summer at an Incorporation Party open to all. At this party, a JCAN members will also sign the documents necessary to give us official non-profit status. All those who attend the party can be a signatory. Yotam Schachter has been working with us on organizational issues.

In keeping with the "Action" in Jewish Climate Action Network, the new Executive Committee, in its first action, voted to request all those affiliated with JCAN to reach out to your state legislators to ask them to testify in support of lifting the net metering cap on June 2. Scripts and email templates, along with look-ups for your state reps and senators are available (ignore the May reference, the next hearing is June 2).