Push on to get legislature to support offshore wind in Massachusetts

Two of us from JCAN attended an informational panel today on offshore wind projects. The timing is urgent to get the Massachusetts legislature to support clean energy. We're asking for letters to your state senators and representatives. Main points are that:

  • A bill must be passed by the time they break in July.
  • Offshore wind is an ample source of clean energy that we can develop quickly, will produce many local jobs in both the short and long terms, and will position our state as a technology leader in energy.
  • We must be vigilant against any support for fossil fuels or gas pipelines in the bill.

So far, three firms have obtained permits to put up windmills about 15 miles from shore (much farther than Cape Wind would be).

The two-hour discussion was organized by MAICCA and JALSA. We covered a lot of great topics, including how Massachusetts environmental groups are making sure the windmills are located in safe places that won't hurt wildlife. We briefly discussed solar, hydro, and other wind options as well. The forum was held in the lovely sanctuary of the Church of the Covenant on Newbury Street.