JCAN participation in Boston Jewish Food Conference

Yesterday, three JCAN leaders attended the Boston Jewish Food Conference  by Ganei Beantown. Rabbi Katy Allen and Judith Mabel presented a workshop on reducing our carbon footprint. Some 15-20 people attended and raise both questions and suggestions.

Rabbi Katy started by going over a number of biblical and related quotations about such ideas as the ethics of eating meat and our stewardship of the planet.

Judith talked about the devastating effect of eating beef, especially from concentrated feed lots. She also talked about organic foods, local food vs long transportation, water, and wastage, with specific ideas and references to growing and finding healthier and more sustainable foods.

JCAN maintained an information table where Rabbi Katy and Fred Davis described our programs and signed up new supporters. Three people signed on for the bentshmarking campaign. Their synagogues will be added to our web page when confirmations come back.