Massachusetts Court: stick to your commitment to reducing climate change

In an important victory for those aiming to reduce global warming, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts steered the state back on track to meeting the goals that our government set for itself in the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2008. We committed ourselves to substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, but the governor and legislature were flouting the law by considering pipelines and new sources of natural gas.

Members of the Jewish Climate Action Network joined other groups in protesting pipelines and natural gas, attending hearings and joining demonstrations in West Roxbury and elsewhere in Boston. Our goal is to fix leaks in existing gas pipelines and vigorously ramp up solar and wind power, especially off-shore wind.

As discussed in an earlier posting to the JCAN web site, Massachusetts has an outsize role to play in reducing climate change. The pipelines that fossil fuel companies want to build through our state (at risk to local populations and wildlife) are central to the companies' business plans to ship gas to Europe. Our rejection of pipelines will have ripple effects throughout the industry.