First Massachusetts Lobbying in the Era of Trump

Some JCAN members joined a couple hundred other climate change activists organized by Mass Power Forward to descend on (or to preserve scientific accuracy, ascend to) the Massachusetts State House today. We received packets about a dozen promising bills on topics ranging from renewables and environmental justice to stopping the gas pipeline and strengthening the Renewable Portfolio Standard that requires the state to get off of fossil fuels. The legislators and aides spent a lot of time discussing how many barriers the new federal Administration has already thrown in our way, such as renewing the pipeline we stopped. The Governor, as a Republican, is caught between the pressures of his party and the desires of his constituents. We also caucused and discussed the strategies our legislators recommended, which are familiar ones: choose one bill and put all your forces behind it, lobby the pace-setters such as the Governor, and appeal to the public's emotions and gut reactions. We think that Mass Power Forward will choose one or two bills and bring us back to reinforce our message.