This Hanukkah, support JCAN as we spread the light

This Hanukkah, through support for the Jewish Climate Action Network (JCAN), you can help a small cruse of oil, large enough to light up only one night, last for eight nights. You can help further climate action in the Jewish community.

JCAN offers the Jewish community a path toward sustainable living and social change. To achieve these goals, we bring Jewish synagogue and community leaders together with experts in energy conservation, renewable energy, and organizing. We are helping the Jewish community reduce its energy consumption and move toward renewable energy.

After five years of work, as we begin to plan a major Jewish climate action conference and enter a significant new stage of development, we are asking for your involvement and financial donations.

JCAN currently has two branches--the original JCAN, formed in 2013 and based in Greater Boston, and a second one in New York City. Here in the Boston chapter, JCAN can cite the following among its many achievements:

  • A full-day conference on Jewish approaches to climate and how to take action -- certainly the first of its kind in New England, and possibly in the country -- brought together over 100 people from the wider Boston Jewish community;

  • Tech Study, half-day workshop, brought energy-efficiency experts together with facility managers of synagogues, the workshop helped congregations further carbon reduction (presented in conjunction with the Synagogue Council of MA);

  • Solar for Synagogues, evening workshop, brought team leaders who had recently installed solar on three synagogues together with representatives of 21 other synagogues and was recorded for online viewing; the workshop helped congregations move closer to going solar (presented in conjunction with the Synagogue Council of MA and Temple Aliyah);

  • Many other webinars and in-person workshops have helped representatives of numerous congregations move their communities forward on energy reduction;

  • Various classes, social justice campaigns, and joint projects with local environmental groups and Jewish organizations, including JALSA, MA Interfaith Power & Light, Friends of the Arava Institute, the Synagogue Council of MA, and 350MA, have engaged a wide representation from the Jewish community;

  • Cultural and spiritual events have helped support and inspire climate activists, including a cello concert performed by Judith Glixon, “One Cellist, One Planet,” which followed the journey of planet Earth from the Big Bang to the present, and a storytelling concert with internationally renowned local storyteller Judith Black and JCAN’s own Thea Iberall and Nyanna Susan Tobin, and Rabbi Katy Allen;

  • Co-sponsorship and participation in numerous actions, including most recently the RISE rally in East Boston which publicized climate change, immigrant rights, and a protest against the proposed energy substation along Chelsea Creek; also “Exodus from Fossil Fuels”, an interfaith service and action at the State House continuing to bring JCAN into the public sphere and build connections with other organizations; the two major People’s Climate Marches in 2014 ane 2017.

JCAN has done a lot! Now it’s time for the next stage of development. What do we plan to do as we stretch our funds in the coming months? JCAN plans to:

  • Provide the Jewish community with the second Jewish Climate Conference on Sunday, March 24, in cooperation with the Synagogue Council of MA, Temple Reyim of Newton, MA, and other partners;

  • Work with established and fledgling JCAN affiliates in other parts of the country to support each other and increase connections and actions in the Jewish community; and

  • Offer programs to train and guide institutions toward holistic methods for the reduction of energy use.

You are invited to join our mailing lists and monthly planning meetings. Check out the JCAN website.

Please support JCAN! We invite you to consider giving at one of the following levels:

Sustainer - $360

Chai Giver - $180

Renewer - $90

Supporter - $54

Friend - $36

You can make your Hanukkah charitable donation by sending a check payable to Jewish Climate Action Network to: JCAN, c/o Judy Mabel, 55 Station St. #1, Brookline, MA 02445. You can also donate online through the Donate button on our web page. We appreciate all donations, large and small!

Thank you so much for your support, and Happy Hanukkah!

Rabbi Katy Allen, President pro-tem, and the JCAN leadership team


R’fuah shleima - Healing Ourselves in a Time of Climate Disruption

Thursday, December 6, 7:30 PM East Coast time

This is the first in what is intended to become a series of web-conversations for those struggling with despair and seeking resiliency and a way forward into an unknown future.

Join together with others who are concerned about the future for inspiration and deep conversation. On-line sessions will be hosted by Rabbi Katy Allen, co-founder and President pro-tem of the Jewish Climate Action Network and spiritual leader of Ma’yan Tikvah - A Wellspring of Hope or another Jewish climate leader. Each session will begin with a resource from Jewish tradition that suggests a pathway toward resiliency at difficult times and will be followed by a facilitated conversation.

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Divestment from Fossil Fuels

Wednesday, December 19, 7:30 PM East Coast time

The recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gives us only a decade or so to cease extraction of fossil fuels and convert to renewable energy if we want to avoid worldwide catastrophe due to global warming.

What can individuals and congregations do? There are many steps we can take to hold planetary temperature rise to 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial temperatures. One of the easiest is to simply stop supporting the fossil fuel industry! In addition to making reductions in our energy usage, one place where we can easily eliminate support is in our retirement funds and other savings investments. We can divest from fossil fuel exposure and move our funds to renewable energy and even get better returns.

Join socially and environmentally responsible investment specialist David Schreiber to learn how.

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The Second Jewish Climate Conference

SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, March 24, 2019

in cooperation with the Synagogue Council of MA, Temple Reyim of Newton, MA, and other partners

What JCAN has done lately

  • Added 25 synagogues to the Bentschmarking Campaign

  • Co-sponsored Solar for Synagogues: Learn from Experience

  • Taught a course on Our Spiritual Relationship to the Land: 100 Years of Thought

  • Presented a workshop at LimmudBoston

  • Had a presence at the Union of Reform Judaism Biennial Conference

  • Launched Climate Goals and began recruiting synagogues

  • Launched the Holistic Sustainability Program and began recruiting synagogues

  • Held two Bentschmarking webinars

  • Co-sponsored and helped organize Exodus From Fossil Fuels, an interfaith service and State House action event prior to Passover; Sponsored a JCAN Storytelling Event with master storyteller Judith Black

  • Exhibited at the MCAN/Toxic Action Center Environmental Conference

  • Extended its outreach nationally and internationally

  • Added its name and support to numerous advocacy and action efforts

JCAN Mission Statement

Sound out an urgent and visionary Jewish voice on the climate change crisis Build relationships with environmental and justice leaders in Jewish and other communal and faith organizations Inspire and mobilize Jewish communities to take leadership and participate in bold climate campaigns Develop and provide informational resources to allies working on climate change action