Standing with Boston youth for climate justice now

They came in droves, filling the space before the Massachusetts State House as full as I've ever seen it, and pouring into the street. Like marches around the world in 105 countries today, the Boston rally for climate action was organized and led by young people, and the crowd was overwhelmingly made up of the young, along with a few adult supporters like me. Some of the people on the stage were old enough to vote, others were so young that I wouldn't ask them to ride the subway unattended. But the level of articulate anger was superb.


Some of the chants and placards were familiar ones ("What do we want? Climate justice...") while others were new and clever ("Why do I go to school if no one listens to the educated?" and "We now take a pause for a moment of science.") If impatience is commonly considered a trait of the young, they are the most apt demographic group to strike over climate change. I know that some of them met with state legislators after the rally. We may find out soon whether the legislators learned a lesson from the rally.