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Webinars offer new skills for dealing with climate change, and let you get your questions answered by experts.


JCAN's powerful model program -- can be carried out by any synagogue/group

This powerful, peer-to-peer program showcases your temple members who are making reasonable but radical reductions in residential carbon consumption.


Decarbonizers program at Temple Beth David, Westwood, MA

The program inspires and educates fellow congregants by letting them hear from friends and neighbors who are taking effective measures now to reduce fossil fuel use. Examples of such measures include: photovoltaics, electric cars, solar hot waters, and heat pumps. People are delighted to learn of steps being taken now and how we all can make a difference in climate change.

It’s surprisingly simple to organize! JCAN will work with you to identify your own leading decarbonizers and customize the program to suit your synagogue.


"...a unique opportunity to hear first hand how local efforts to decarbonize lifestyles have been obtained. Hearing from car owners and home owners with detailed records of savings, both monetarily and carbon footprint, was impressive. A lot of credit goes to the members of congregation to look forward to a future they want to leave for their children and grandchildren."

"I had an epiphany at the event...The man who presented on his solar array at the event was wonderful."

Contact Fred Davis, fdavis@tiac.net, for more information.


Speakers offer expertise, guidance, and inspiration and are available for conferences or other events. Contact jewishclimateaction@gmail.com to arrange for the speaker to come to your synagogue or setting.

Rabbi Katy Allen

Location: Wayland, MA
Affiliations: Ma'yan Tikvah - A Wellspring of Hope; Jewish Climate Action Network; One Earth Collaborative
Expertise: Teaching about Judaism and the environment; leading groups dealing with grief and hope; leading spiritual nature walks; leading JCAN; interfaith climate work
Program or support offered: Teaching about Judaism and the environment; leading groups dealing with grief and hope; leading spiritual nature walks
Pronouns: She/her


Fred Davis

Location: Medfield, MA

Affiliations: President of Fred Davis Corporation, energy-efficient lighting products wholesaler (since 1986). Author of occasional e-newsletter, The Lightening Volt. Fellow in Hebrew College's Leaders in Adult Learning. Leader, teacher, facilitator in synagogue adult education. Curator for Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) conference, Building Energy. Previous: Boards of NESEA,  local and national Boards of the Illuminating Engineering Society, Co-Chair of JCRC Energy Committee, President of Urban Solar Energy Association, President of Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston.

Expertise: Professionally engaged since 1978 in the energy field: deeply in energy-efficient lighting, broadly in energy conservation and renewables.

Program or support offered: Fact-based, Jewish-text-inspired presentations and workshops encouraging and empowering congregants to radically reduce carbon footprints in stages.

Pronouns: He/him


Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman

Location: Jamaica Plain, MA

Affiliations: Temple Sinai of Brookline, MA Interfaith Coalition for Climate Action

Expertise: Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman is the Assistant Rabbi at Temple Sinai of Brookline, and brings a love of music, prayer, social justice, and relationship-building to the Jewish community. Integrating her background in environmental studies with her rabbinate, Rabbi Shoshana a leader in the Boston interfaith climate justice movement. She was ordained by Hebrew College Rabbinical School, and is an alum of Oberlin College, JOIN for Justice, and the Wexner Graduate Fellowship.

Program or support offered: Public speaking, text study, song-leading

Pronouns: She/her

Website: www.rabbishoshana.com


David Schreiber

Location: Waltham, MA

Affiliations: Temple Shir Tikvah of Winchester, Jewish Climate Action Network, Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action, J Street, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization

Expertise: Socially responsible investing and fossil fuel divestment and financial planning.

Pronouns: He/him


Workshops are interactive sessions with expert facilitators that you can schedule for your institution.

Acting On Climate Concerns: Three-Part Workshop Series

Workshop Coordinator: Fred Davis

Jewish values guide us to a new environmentalism informed by the need for an 80% reduction in fossil-fuel use. Such a goal is radical yet feasible with changes that are ethically just and economically sound. This workshop-style course reviews actions available now to ameliorate climate change. It was originally offered in 2015, includes experts in energy and climate, and is adaptable. Speakers are as available.

Part 1: What is our responsibility as stewards of our congregational facility?

Jim Nail, President, Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light
Vincent Maraventano, Executive Director, Mass. Interfaith Power & Light

Part 2: How can we significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our individual households through energy conservation and solar?

Rachel White, Performance Manager at Byggmeister Design/Build; former Meah instructor; Co-Chair, BuildingEnergy16 Conference of Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
Haskell Werlin, Director of Business Development and Government Relations, Solar Design Associates

Part 3: What actions can we take in the greater community (carbon tax/fee, ethical investing)?

David Schreiber, Financial West Group
Rabbi Judy Weiss, Citizens' Climate Lobby, Boston Chapter Co-leader

Cost: by donation


Shabbat for the Earth on Any Day

Workshop Coordinator: Rabbi Katy Allen

Bring Shabbat for the Earth to your synagogue any day of the week. Options range from a single d'var Torah to nature-themed guided meditations, Torah study with a focus on the Earth, Jewish nature walks and other outdoor experiences, sessions for exploring emotional and spiritual responses to climate change, an exploration through various kinds of texts of our connection to the Earth, and facilitated discussions of how to increase synagogue response to climate change.

Rabbi Katy Allen is the co-founder and President pro-tem of the Jewish Climate Action Network and a board certified chaplain with 10 years of hospital chaplaincy experience. She serves as an eco-chaplain and the facilitator of One Earth Collaborative, a program of Open Spirit, Framingham, and as a hospice chaplain. She is the founder and rabbi of Ma'yan Tikvah - A Wellspring of Hope, which holds services outdoors, and she writes about matters of Torah and Earth. She is a former science teacher and received ordination from the Academy for Jewish Religion in 2005. You can learn more about her programs at .

Cost: contact Rabbi Katy Allen.


What's Your Carbon Footprint: Stories for Our Lives

Workshop Coordinator: Thea Iberall

Life in the future will be one where energy use is more limited than in the past. How will it affect you, your loved ones, and your community? In this interactive workshop, you will explore understanding how climate change will affect your life, do some exercises to open your heart, and have the opportunity to draft a story/poem about your relationship to nature. Guidance is provided for non-writers.

Dr. Thea Iberall has taught writing since 2005. An inductee into the International Educators Hall of Fame, Iberall has had over 50 poems published in anthologies and journals including in Blood to Remember: American Poets on the Holocaust. Her book of poems, The Sanctuary of Artemis, bridges science and the arts, the heart and the mind. In her novel, The Swallow and the Nightingale, a scientist goes head-to-head with an Orthodox Rabbi about the moral issue of today. Author of three scientific textbooks and a semi-finalist in the 2014 Mary Ballard Poetry Chapbook contest, Iberall gives climate change workshops and studied Method Writing with Jack Grapes.


Using Our Forks to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Workshop leader: Judith Mabel

Our food choices impact our health and our local environment, and also have global impact in connection to climate change. What foods are best bought organic? What’s the importance of miles travelled in food choices? In this workshop you will out how to reduce your carbon footprint with your eating habits.

Judith Mabel is a nutritionist and biochemist, with degrees from Cornell University, Harvard University, and Boston University who has authored over 20 scientific papers. She blends traditional and complementary techniques in her private practice in Brookline, evaluating and educating her clients so that they can take an active part in their health and fitness. She specializes in Functional Medicine, digestive issues and food sensitivities.


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Presentations are formal talks on particular topics. Contact jewishclimateaction@gmail.com to arrange for the presentation at your synagogue or setting.

Jewish Climate Action Storytelling

Storytelling is a Jewish tradition that has been around as long as the people itself. Join us for an evening of storytelling by master storyteller Judith Black, who will be joined by storytellers Thea Iberall and Nyanna Tobin. Judith will amaze, dazzle, and inspire you with dynamic word paintings.  Come listen to Organic Stories and be inspired to create/share your own. Rabbi Katy Allen, co-founder of JCAN, will host the evening. Free to all, plus refreshments served.

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Temple Beth Elohim
10 Bethel Rd
Wellesley, MA

(508) 358-5996

Sponsored by JCAN and Temple Beth ElohimRefreshments
The event is free, but please RVSP here.

About the featured storyteller: Judith Black has been featured 12 times at the National Storytelling Festival and on stages from the Montreal Comedy Festival to the Art Museum of Cape Town, South Africa. Judith is the winner of the National Storytelling Network Circle of Excellence Award, storytelling’s most coveted laurel, and the Brother Blue and Ruth Hill Award. A TEDx speaker, she’s performed at over 10 CAJE conferences and explored B’nai Mitzvah, familial function and dysfunction, parenting, aging and end-of life.

The Radical, Reasonable Route To 80% Reductions

Speaker: Fred Davis

Many in Massachusetts don't realize we’ve been leading the country in conservation and renewables. This updated presentation demonstrates the path to dramatically reduce our use of energy at each level: world, national, state, synagogue, residence. Drilling down from the global to the granular, we appreciate that the process is the same: assess (benchmark), plan, and implement changes over time. It is not beyond us.

Fred Davis, JCAN Vice president pro-tem, has been professionally involved with energy conservation since 1977, starting in residential conservation and solar, and helped devise the first national standards for lamp efficiency. He is president of Fred Davis Corporation, a leading national wholesale supplier of energy-efficient lighting products since 1983. He chaired the first national conference on energy-efficient lighting and has spoken on energy and lighting from Stockholm to Sacramento. Fred was President of the Urban Solar Energy Association, has served on the Board of Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, and on both national and local Boards of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. He is a past Co-Chair of the JCRC Energy Committee, and a Past President of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston.

Extracting Fossil Fuels from Your Portfolio

Speaker: David Schreiber

As Jews we are obligated to practice tikkun olam and do what we can to repair the world, and also to pursue justice. This workshop is focused on the why, how and what of obtaining comparable returns through carefully designed and balanced portfolios of securities screened for the environmental, social and governance practices of the companies behind them. It is designed to help both individuals and institutions move to fossil-free investments.

David Schreiber, CFP® is a Certified Financial Planner.

Decarbonizers program at Temple Beth David, Westwood, MA