JCAN holds educational webinars, conferences, workshops, book discussions, and talks on issues relating to climate change, including greening our synagogues, lifestyles, and homes. See details below.

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Refuah Shleimah:
Grounding Our Activism in Joy, Grief, and Vision

Special On-going Webinar by Rabbi Moshe Givental

MOVED to 3rd Sunday of the month, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

October 20th, November 17th, December 15th, etc.

This workshop is emotional and spiritual support for anyone working on and thinking about climate change and environmental justice. It's for those of us who have an inkling that Climate Denial might not just be a corporate and political strategy (though it is that too), but also Denial as a stage of coping with grief and fear, which we all need support with. It's for all of us who yearn to do this work in a way which makes us more emotionally resilient and joyful, instead of burning us out. This will not be a place of frontal learning, but a time in which we'll build upon each other's wisdom, as we share Our Joy, Our Grief, and Our Visions.

We'll meet via zoom on the last Sunday of the month. Zoom link will be shared once you RSVP via email.

**This workshop is open to everyone, regardless of religion. If enough Jews are interested in a Jewish-specific workshop, I will happily add that to the calendar.**

For Question & RSVP, email MosheGivental@gmail.com or go on facebook You can also read more about this work on the website.



Join a group of readers to discuss books that deal with climate change. This group will provide an opportunity for self-education on a variety of environmental topics, including (but not limited to) the facts and consequences of climate change. We’ll read and discuss both fiction and non-fiction books with climate change themes. Each on-line discussion session will be hosted by either Thea Iberall and Deb Nam-Krane, and will provide practical information, mutual encouragement, and good company, as we all try to imagine what lies ahead for ourselves and our children.





Benchmarking energy consumption is nothing more than figuring out the current use of energy: oil, natural gas, propane, and electricity. It entails filling in a spreadsheet. Taking this step will be the start of devising a serious plan for multi-year modifications to produce deep reductions.  Sign up to be notified for next offering.


Climate Change Clergy Webinar

We are at an especially critical moment in the climate crisis. How do we grapple with the reality that humanity's actions and inactions now and in the next few years will be sealing the fate of Creation? The JCANetwork already includes many of your concerned members. This webinar supports Rabbinic leadership. In this webinar, Jewish Climate Action Network will offer two perspectives: Rabbi Katy Allen will lead a discussion of Support for Rabbis in This Time of Climate Crisis. And then Fred Davis will invite you to participate in Rabbis Rally for Radical Reduction.  Sign up to be notified for next offering.



Divestment Webinar

One of the easiest climate actions you can take is to simply stop supporting the fossil fuel industry!  In addition to making reductions in our energy usage, we can easily eliminate support for fossil fuels in our retirement funds and other savings investments. We can divest from fossil fuel exposure and move our funds to renewable energy and even get better returns. Join socially and environmentally responsible investment specialist David Schreiber to learn how. Sign up to be notified for next offering.


JCAN’s 5778 Chutzpah Challenge 22 SHORT PostBiennial for Andy.056.jpeg


Any step forward needs a goal. How far is your congregation going to go? How long should that take? Surprisingly, there is a very Jewish way to think about this. In this workshop, you will learn how to craft bold targets as a way to guide your community. Test your climate chutzpah, learn to set climate goals. Led by Fred Davis, VP pro tem of JCAN. Sign up to be notified for next offering.


Holistic Sustainability Webinar

Join a conversation to explore the concept of Holistic Sustainability, as outlined by the Jewish Climate Action Network – MA. Discuss the possible options for congregational action, and the need to provide people with doable actions that fit with their passions and skills. Rabbi Katy Allen, JCAN- MA President pro-tem will facilitate the conversation and explain the JCAN Holistic Sustainability model. Sign up to be notified for next offering.


refuah shleima webinar

Healing Ourselves in a Time of Climate Disruption is an online conversation series for those struggling with despair and seeking resiliency and a way forward into an unknown future sponsored by the Jewish Climate Action Network of Boston. Hosted by Rabbi Katy Allen, co-founder and President pro-tem of the Jewish Climate Action Network and spiritual leader of Ma’yan Tikvah - A Wellspring of Hope. Sign up to be notified for next offering.