Going solar can be straightforward and fiscally beneficial. Reducing our carbon footprint is critical for protecting the planet we all share. Haven't yet gone solar? Sponsored by the Jewish Climate Action Network (JCAN), the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts, Temple Aliyah of Needham, and Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light, this panel discussion shares the experiences of synagogues that have successfully installed solar.

Installing solar panels is a major win-win. It can substantially reduce your building's carbon footprint, taking you a good way toward the goal of zero-carbon use. And even more than a homeowner, your synagogue can expect to stay in its location long enough to make back your investment, and save a good deal of money.

However, solar panels are a large capital investment that should be investigated carefully like any other. Your site, your local climate, and tax laws all feed into the decision. To help Boston-area synagogues succeed in solar installations, JCAN held a forum on May 7, the video of which is shown above. This kind of event can be replicated by other groups in other locations.

JCAN was fortunate to have experts available from three local synagogues who had made the move to solar. We also invited vendors to discuss their offerings. About 20 synagogues sent representatives to this event.